How do I create a CNAME record in Hosting?

A CNAME (Canonical name) record, is largely associate alias or nickname for one more domain. it's typically used rather than associate A record to purpose completely different hostnames to an equivalent location. The distinction between the record sorts is that associate A record forever points to associate IP address, whereas a CNAME forever points to a different name.

Create a CNAME record on your Hosting

  1. Log into the Grownom.com control panel
  2. Click on Services
  3. Select Your Hosting 
  4. Click On Mange DNS 
  5. Under create new record, click CNAME.
  6. Enter the following details:
    - The subdomain (required) that will become the alias, for example, www.
    - The domain name that you want to create the alias of, it can't be an IP address.
    - Optionally enter a TTL, or leave it empty to default to 3600 seconds.
  7. Click Create record to save your settings.


Example: In the screenshot below we are making blog.one-example.guide a into an alias of ghs.google.com. So we can serve our Blogger blog on our own domain. The TTL is left empty, meaning it will default to 3600.



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